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I actually "fell" into private practice consulting and coaching after multiple discussions with my fellow practitioners that were part of my group practice. We often discuss the business needs/wants that influence our income and overall career goals.


Carolina Counseling & Life Coaching PLLC

Julie Ingram LPC LEAP PLLC

Marcella Wagner LCSWA

Y&L Intl Counseling & Psychological Consulting PLLC

Medical Practice Consulting Services

Tools& Resources
Electronic Health Record (EHR) is where our healthcare business is moving toward and there are plenty of options. Do you know the standards and requirements for your healthcare expertise? Are you looking for insight evaluation of the various options? If so, please review the resource below for support and guidance:
1. Health IT Playbook from HealthIT.gov
2. Person Centered Tech Reviews
3. TeleMental Health Institute Reviews
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